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An expedition for The Hairy Cataract Crayfish Euastacus pilosus

We arrived on site just on dark and set up camp as the first priority whilst there is light. Were in far northern NSW near the Qld border in the drainage of the Clarence River.

The Crusty Mobile on the right and the Yabby mobile on the left.

Next, is a steak sandwich for dinner and then get ready for a spotlight of the creek. You can amass a heap of biological info on a species by observing its activities both day and night.

Crusty gearing up for the nights activities.

The stream is crystal clear, shallow and flowing beneath tall sedges that line the base of the valley.

That night we learned a bit more about the species and when it becomes active etc. This info just adds to the knowledge base on the species. The next morning we got up had a bacon and egg sandwich and did a first light survey of the creek.

Crusty turning rocks and catching critters in the creek

This is what we are after The Hairy Cataract Crayfish Euastacus pilosus. This is as big as they grow so quite small on the scheme of things but very pretty. This little girl has a health batch of eggs.

The Hairy Cataract Crayfish Euastacus pilosus

Berried female

The Hairy Cataract Crayfish Euastacus pilosus

After the creek survey, we packed up and headed off to the next survey site.


Research & Aquaculture Director for Australian Aquatic Biological P/L
Team Leader for The Australian Crayfish Project
Director of Mid West Yabby & Fish Traders and RBM Aquaculture
Secretary of NSW Aquaculture Assoc Inc
Research Associate for Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Honorary Research Fellow, Queensland Museum

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