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NSW Fisheries Patrol Vehicle

NSW Fisheries Patrol Vehicle

Whilst surveying a coastal stream near Batemans Bay last week, I was sprung by the local Fishing Inspector. I was extremely happy that a passing Fisheries NSW officer saw me near a creek and took the time to bail me up and see what I was doing. I had all the correct permits and was OK but let that be a lesson to all those that are thinking of doing the wrong thing in NSW, Fisheries NSW inspectors are out there actively looking for those doing something they shouldn’t, you will get busted, so do the right thing.

If you see something occurring that’s wrong then let your local Fisheries inspector know and they will take action.

My congratulation to Fisheries NSW, it’s reassuring to know they are actively out there patrolling the creeks and streams, protecting our native crayfish and fish, ensuring the fisheries laws and regulations are obeyed.

Research & Aquaculture Director for Australian Aquatic Biological P/L
Team Leader for The Australian Crayfish Project
Director of Mid West Yabby & Fish Traders and RBM Aquaculture
Secretary of NSW Aquaculture Assoc Inc
Research Associate for Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Honorary Research Fellow, Queensland Museum

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