Welcome to Australian Aquatic Biological Pty Ltd. We are a 100% Australian owned company specializing in aquatic biodiversity research, consultancy and species conservation. Australian Aquatic Biological (AABio) conducts a broad range of activities including environmental surveys, scientific research, aquaculture consultancy, species identification and conservation.


Many of our aquatic species are threatened or currently critically endangered. For our freshwater crayfish species the general knowledge base is dismal for most species. We have excellent management authorities in Australia that are very conscious of endangered species and will do all in their power to help protect these species. Unfortunately, when they do not know where species occur and these endangered species don’t even have a name then they cannot be protected. Australian Aquatic Biological was formed with the major aims of:

  • To collect and identify every species of freshwater crayfish, their distributions and their habitat in Australia.
  • To published the research results to increase the knowledge base on all our species and provide the      scientific evidence to our management authorities and help to ensure the species and their habitats are protected and conserved for all time.
  • To increase the general public’s awareness of the astounding biodiversity of crayfish in Australia, encourage the conservation of this fauna and warn of the threats from translocated species and exploitation.

We continue to work with the management agencies to advise them of where species occur and strive towards the conservation of these defenceless species. Much of our other works adds to the general knowledge base and is included in our conservation works. So far we are directly responsible for having the first Euastacus species of crayfish to be listed as Critically Endangered by any state or federal Government in Australia and we continue to strive towards the conservation of so many others.

We offer a wide range of services including:

Flora & Fauna Surveys

Catchment Reports
  • Aquatic surveys covering, macroinvertebrates, crustaceans, molluscs, fish and aquatic vegetation, etc.
  • Riparian surveys identifying habitat areas and problems.
  • Aquatic species identification
  • Crustacean taxonomy
  • Aquatic species distribution surveys
  • Invasive/exotic species identification and monitoring
  • Stream assessments, ecosystem health and management
  • Conservation of aquatic species
  • Conservation and ecology of aquatic systems


Aquatic Survey Reports
  • Aquatic Survey Reports
  • Catchment Reports
  • Aquatic Biodiversity Reports
  • Expert Witness Reports
  • Environmental Reports


  • Commercial publications
  • Scientific Publications


Demand for seafood continues to grow encouraged by nutritionists and medical authorities keen to promote the high levels of nutritionally important omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in seafood oils. Increasing demands on wild harvest resources is not sustainable or desirable. We need to look towards aquaculture to produce sustainable seafood to meet increasing demand. We assist farmers to enter the aquaculture industry to produce commercially viable, sustainable, environmentally friendly seafood that is cultured comfortably for the seafood and safely for the farmer and the consumer. We offer the following services:

Aquaculture Facility Design
  • Aquaculture Consultancy
  • Pre purchase farm inspections
  • Land based aquaculture farm design and licencing
  • Fish hatchery design and consultancy
  • Recirculating aquaculture system design and installation
  • Environmental statements
  • Aquaculture Research
  • Aquaculture farm valuations and production estimates.

Aquatic Research & Conservation Sponsorship

Australian Aquatic Biological together with Earthan Group major sponsors The Australian Crayfish Project (ACP) and The Australian Aquatic Biological Survey (AABS). The ACP was initiated in 2005 and is an ongoing project to capture, identify, key and photograph every species of Australian freshwater crayfish. The initial results of this project have resulted in some publications and an increasing number of additional research projects. The ACP was created to increase the knowledge base on Australian freshwater species and preserve and conserve these species and their fragile habitats. It has been running for over 8 years now and has had exceptional results discovering dozens of new crayfish species or anomalies.

The ACP is Australia wide and offers a unique opportunity for individuals, community groups and governmental agencies, etc. that wish to know what’s in their streams or catchments. Aquatic biological survey costs can be greatly reduced as AABio will 50% fund surveys that allow the results to be included into the ACP and AABS data bases. So if you need your area surveyed to determine the species present or stream health then contact us for a jointly funded project.

a book by Robert B McCormack
A guide to Australia’s Spiny Freshwater Crayfish – a book by Robert B McCormack
Conservation scientific publication
Scientific publications

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