Ecological Consultancy




Australian Aquatic Biological conducts aquatic ecological surveys and consultancy across Australia.  We specialize in freshwater aquatic ecosystems with our forte being freshwater crayfish.

Clients include:

  • Private individuals
  • Environmental groups
  • Conservation organisations
  • Corporate groups
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Federal Government

Australian Aquatic Biological specializes in:

  • Aquatic biological surveys
  • Crustacean and Fish assessments, monitoring and management
  • Water quality testing/monitoring
  • Species identification, taxonomy and descriptions
  • Conservation
  • Expert witness reports

We work in collaboration with government departments, universities, museums, environmental groups and enthusiasts. Additionally, opportunities exist for clients in a joint partnership where AABio will fund dollar for dollar on research or biological  surveys regarding freshwater crayfish when the survey results can be included within the ACP data base.



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