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One of Australia’s premium aquaculture farms is selling excess equipment as part of a farm upgrade. Spare tanks, pumps and filters, etc., are all for sale at the right price. Save thousands on this equipment clearance sale. See attached PDF for details (Click Here).

If you are starting a hatchery or in need of a tank for your home aquaponic system then this is your chance to pick up aquaculture tanks or equipment at the right price.

The NSWAA is having a field day at Griffith NSW on the 13th and 14th of March and a good opportunity to pick up some equipment whilst attending the field day. For information on the fish/yabby/aquaponics field day go to www.nswaqua.com.au  If you are interested in aquaponics or aquaculture then don’t miss this field day, the first day is lectures and the second is farm visits. Some of Australia’s foremost experts on aquaponics, yabby farming and fish farming are there so pick their brains to get all the advice you need for your venture.

For further information and details on the equipment for sale:

Ian Charles
Silverwater Native Fish
Grong Grong, NSW
+61 2 69562305
0427 695662

Robert McCormack is the Research and Aquaculture Director for Australian Aquatic Biological P/L. He is a Research Associate with the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, USA, is Secretary of the Aqua Association Incorporated https://www.aqua.asn.au/ and the team leader of the privately funded Australian Crayfish Project, which conducts biological studies of every creek and stream in Australia, collecting and identifying crustaceans. Robert has a passion for freshwater crayfish traveling across Australia to find and photograph them.


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