The disposal of a complete yabby aquaculture set up has become available. This is a Yabby Hatchery/Holding/Purging and display facility. It represents a unique opportunity to purchase a complete recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) at an affordable price.

Two complete rooms are available:


The first room consists of 12 rectangular fiberglass tanks hooked up to a RAS system. Water is supplied to each of the as new fiberglass purging/holding tanks (2.37 m long x 0.64 m wide x 0.3 m deep) by 40 mm PVC water supply pipes. Water enters each tank through 6 x inlet hoses c/w control valves. Each tank has additional aeration supplied by the diaphragm air pump and airstone in the tank. Water flows into the tank, through and then out via a stand pipe that sets the waters depth in the tank. Water is filtered by the Pantera sand filter and U filter. Recirculated around the system by the Onga Pool Pump. This complete system is available for only $5,500 ono.

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Fiberglass Yabby Holding Tanks
Fiberglass Yabby Holding Tanks


The second room is an aquarium and packaging room. 82 glass display aquaria are included c/w stands, bases, filters and lids. Many unused in immaculate condition. The Aquaria are drained by hose and electric pump. The pump is activated by an electric switch. Just press and the hose sucks and when empty press again and the pump shuts off. You can drain and clean each tank in seconds. There are also a large assortment of stainless steel, sinks, benches and tanks. The complete room and everything in it is available at only $5,500 ono.

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Aquaria For Sale
Aquaria For Sale


Additionally there are 6 full bales and one half bale of bird netting available, and 440 pairs or 880 individual plastic yabby containers available.

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Yabby cages
Yabby cages

This complete system represents many years of work which has been abandoned due to ill health. It is all still assembled and functional. Potential purchases would need to inspect to value and make an offer. We are located at Seymour Victoria, adjacent to the Hume highway:


Linda McKenzie


Ph: 0414 418766


Robert McCormack is the Research and Aquaculture Director for Australian Aquatic Biological P/L. He is a Research Associate with the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, USA, is Secretary of the Aqua Association Incorporated and the team leader of the privately funded Australian Crayfish Project, which conducts biological studies of every creek and stream in Australia, collecting and identifying crustaceans. Robert has a passion for freshwater crayfish traveling across Australia to find and photograph them.


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